The fluidity of water describes our emotions. The surface of the sea erupts into waves that can be gentle and slow or unpredictable. Deeper than the surface of the sea are quiet calm and a plethora of interesting, colorful life-forms. Surf our world-reknown Salvadorean waves. Kayak in Ramsar sites like Jiquilisco Bay. Immerse yourself and flow with the element of water.


Human beings initially knew fire primarily as a means of destruction. When we learned to control fire and harness its energy, our civilization began to make rapid advances. This dual nature of fire as both a destructive and a creative force harnessed the spirit of our intuition. Hike a volcano and get close to its crater or soak in thermal waters and breathe energy from the core of the planet.


Air symbolizes thought. Thought is a continually present force in our lives, as inescapable as the air we breathe. In order to think clearly, it is necessary to be calm and focused. When you paraglide you fly with the birds and you will discover that everything around you is calm and that the bustling sound of society cannot reach you.


The element of earth is embodied in the physical substance of the mountains, the soil, and the life that springs from the soil. In mountains we see the stability and solidity of earth.  Earth is the cradle of all the other elements. Ride on a mountain bike or on a horse and enjoy the forest. Hike on beautiful trails and enjoy nature.

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